Saturday November 2, 2019

32 degrees with sunshine and a heavy frost. Lots of sunshine today but breezy with temperatures in the upper 40’s.

Last night after dinner I went downstairs to tape the bedroom closet in preparation for painting. It’s a medium sized walk in with the same molding along the ceiling and door with the same wood shoe molding used throughout the house.

This morning after Colin and I had our breakfast I started painting. I knew there was only enough paint for one coat so I rolled it slow and even to make sure it covered good enough not to need a second coat since it is a closet. While I waited for the wall to dry I did some other little chores in the finished and unfinished area, ate lunch, and did a few things up here.

I just checked it and it looks to be covered pretty good. I have enough paint in the can to touch up spots if needed tomorrow when I go down to take the tape off. I cleaned up the painting stuff to repack back in the box and called that project almost complete.

Laundry and other stuff to do up stairs this afternoon.

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