Monday November 18, 2019

42 degrees and foggy this morning. I left here around 8:30 to drive to Kernersville, a bedroom community about 20 minutes on the other side of Winston. My friend Lori’s brother died unexpectedly last Thursday. The service was at 11. Once I was off the mountain the fog lifted and I had just drizzle the rest of the way.

Off course, I arrived early since I gave myself plenty of time to allow for traffic, construction, etc. While I was waiting to go in the chapel of the funeral home where the service was being held Lori and her family came in. Since I was able to talk with her a few minutes I left right after the service was over to head back up the mountain.

It was raining when I left the funeral home. About 5 miles outside of Winston I-40 was a parking lot probably due to an accident. Fortunately I was not far from the exit ramp that goes through town back to 421. It poured down all the way until I arrived in Sparta. The rain was not in the forecast for today for here or down the mountain. Doesn’t look like it rained much and now the sun is out.


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