Thursday March 26, 2020

43 degrees with pea soup fog. I ventured out to the grocery store this morning for the first time in two weeks. I arrived about 8:15. The two things I wanted but am not completely out of yet was milk and juice. No milk. They had the brand of juice I drink but not the specific one I like.
Two of the guys I know were standing at the milk coolers. They said a truck was on the way so I shopped the rest of the store to see if could find some other items on my list.

By the time I did that the truck had arrived. I was able to get my milk and juice along with most of everything else I was looking for. A lot of the shelves were still empty.

I was reserving books online at the library for next week. I noticed one was on the shelf at our library. I called to ask them to hold it for me.

After lunch I drove back into town to the library. I called to let them know I was in the parking lot. When Tm brought it out he said as of today they had suspended all books coming from other libraries and they may have to shut down completely.

Since I was right there, I stopped at Crouse Park for my walk. They have a nice, paved path that is much longer and hillier than walking the parking lot at the church. A nice change.

Cloudy, cool, and windy again today once the fog burned off.

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2 Responses to Thursday March 26, 2020

  1. ed says:

    You’re a good neighbor 🙂

    LA County library has been closed to physical access for a while now. It is still weird to see a big pile of overdue books on the counter and know that I can’t return them…

    I ran across a link to this link to online books this morning, some I already know about, some new to me:

  2. ed says:

    A good neighbor for looking after the kids next door, I meant to say.

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