Friday March 27, 2020

64 degrees, sunny, and windy. Sunny today with temperatures in the lower 70’s but 20 mph wind gusts.

Amy went in this morning to at 9 to open the gym so we could pick up last pay checks before the shut down. Steve and our cleaning person have been in there cleaning the gym from top to bottom and side to side. While I was there I borrowed a set of the 15 lb weights like I have on order.

From there I went to the bank then was going to stop at the park to walk. But, they were mowing and with the wind blowing so bad I did not want to be around all that pollen and debris flying around. I drove down to the church and walked then came home.

The neighbor on the fence side has a large rotten tree that was broken off about four feet from the ground. It was leaning against another tree toward their house where the kids like to play in the driveway. It was right on the fence line so I was not sure Vicki knew it had broken off. I mentioned it to here last week. When we talked last Saturday she said they had someone coming to take it down this week.

When I got home they had it tied to the truck and were getting ready to pull it down. That thing was completely hollow on the inside. I am just glad it is down.



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