Saturday May 16, 2020

67 degrees, sunny, and a slight breeze.

Okay, things to get done. I am fairly mobile with the cane. The back is achy but not incapacitating. I had several forget-me-nots plants I had started inside that are not huge, I took those out and planted two by the porch and one by driveway. I also wanted to get the 4 little dianthus plants I bought just before the back fisasco. u put those in the butterfly garden around the plant stand,

Several neighbors stopped by while I was out. As usual, they said to let the know if I need anything but, as I explained, you just have to do things when they need done and it’s hard to call on help at a specific time. I feel good getting those little projects out of the way.

I’ve changed the linens and those are in the wash. That’s probably it for the day but I will not get better just sitting around.


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  1. Ben Siciliano says:

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Knowing from your posts that you’re a fairly active person, you probably feel impatient to get back to “business as usual.” However, as a fellow “back-acher,” I can attest to the value of rest and relaxation!

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