Sunday May 17, 2020

70 degrees and partly cloudy skies. Cool and cloudy today. We may get rain this evening.

My neighbor Vicki texted me this morning they wanted to bring me lunch from the local Mexican restaurant. I told her my favorite dish. They brought it by around 1pm. First meal I’ve had not from my kitchen since back in March.

I ate about half of it and will reheat the rest for my dinner. I am not up to to trying to vacuum today but I did wash a load of towels.



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  1. nick flandrey says:

    Hi Barbara, it sounds like you are finally making some progress toward recovery. I’ve been clobbered for the last few days with a neck/upper back issue. I’ve got old damage and occasionally things get too far out of whack… and then it hurts.

    Yours sounds like something new attacking you and I hope you and your Drs get it straightened out soon. Anyone who has not lived with chronic pain really doesn’t get it. It changes everything you do.

    So I hope you continue to improve and that you get the cause and treatment worked out.



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