I was out early this morning using the loppers long handled shears to cut some of the low branches from the maple by the driveway. It sprouts all this low stuff in the spring that I like to keep cut off. I had a couple of dead limbs in the other maple in the front in needed to get as well. It took about an hour to do that then Bob and I left to drive over to the storage place where Frances and Al have a unit.

They were moving from that unit to a smaller more┬áreasonably┬ápriced one near their house. With the Trooper, Al’s truck, and Frances’ car we made the move in three trips in roughly two and half hours. Al had some very heavy stuff that needed Bob’s help. After the first trip Frances stayed at the new unit while we went back over to reload. The last trip was small enough that Bob and Al went over in his truck while I stayed at the new place and helped Frances move and organize the stuff into the unit from the hallway where we dumped it. It is an inside, climate control unit.

I am reading a new Maisie Dobbs mystery by Jacqueline Winspear, Elegy for Eddie. Hot today, already it’s in the mid 8o’s which I why I wanted to get that yard stuff done before this afternoon.

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