Dad went home late yesterday afternoon. Frances, Al, and mom went over to get him. He seems to be doing fine, glad to be home.

This morning I did the house cleaning, vacuumed my car, used the power nozzle on the gutter top edges and the siding underneath. Bob and I went out to Home Depot to look at deck material options and for me to pick up some odds and ends lawn supplies.

After lunch we started on the organizing and cleaning up of the unfinished area of the basement housing Bob’s kit supplies. We moved the work table back over by the shelves. It was in the way where we had moved it.

And, I finally managed to give Colin a bath. Of late he likes to go into our shower after we finish to watch it drip and drink the water. He will stand fascinated by the dripping for fifteen minutes. So, I started turning on the shower downstairs and letting him go in and play with the water in there. I turned on the shower on while we were downstairs working and let it drip. When I was ready to bathe him he ran right in when I turned on the water. I quickly closed the shower doors while I undressed. After I let him out so Bob could take him out to be dried off I took my shower.  When I opened the doors to come out he was standing there ready to come back in again. Hopefully we are over the shower issues we had before when I tried to bathe him. Letting him go in first seems to be the best strategy.

It is warm today but not overly hot like yesterday and not nearly as humid.

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