Monday April 15, 2020

Joyce picked me at 9 for a trip down to Winston for consult with my gastroenteritis to see if I have a GI issue somewhere. I go back tomorrow to have the done.


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  1. nick flandrey says:

    Hey everyone, Nick here.

    I just heard from Frances and the reason for Barbara’s lack of posting is that she’s in the hospital in Winston-Salem. Her condition is serious, but not dire at this point. They are working diligently to identify her problem and start addressing the causes and not just the symptoms. In the mean time, she is exhausted and in pain and won’t be posting until they can address those issues.

    She has been tested several times for Covid-19 and is NEGATIVE at this time.

    She doesn’t like being fussed over, so is not looking for cards or flowers at the moment, but if you send them to her home in Sparta they will get to her. (Although, again, she isn’t looking for that.)

    There’s never a good time to go into a hospital with a serious illness and these times are scarier than normal, but she’s getting care and attention from the staff and family.

    Please keep her in your prayers.

    I’ll promote this to a post and I’ll update as appropriate.

    I can be reached at my last name at



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