Sunday June 14, 2020

Cool and cloudy again this morning. Once I was able to get up the back was too bad. I took my shower and did a couple of things in the bathroom. Then everything went downhill from there. Jo showed up mid-morning to help with the laundry and dry swiftered the floors. She also brought me food to heat up for next week.

She left around 1:30. I can manage to push the towel basket into the bedroom and get those folded.

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  1. Ed says:


    Sorry to hear about the back!

    It sounds horribly familiar – I went through about a year of back pain a decade and a half ago and remember it still! Agony.

    Sleeping on the floor helped, and a gripper to avoid bending. Good friends were invaluable, they drove me to work and did the shopping and household chores.

    Good luck to you!

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