This morning I took dad for his post hospital follow up appointment with his family doctor. I wanted to ¬†ask the doctor some questions about several issues. Dad is doing pretty good though he still needs to get rid of some more fluid. Mom goes back to the doctor tomorrow for her follow up appointment with her family doctor. From here on out I will most likely start taking dad to his doctor’s appointments. What I find interesting is the positive reactions I am getting from his doctors. When I took him to his heart doctor I asked them to verify I was on his HPPA form so I could talk with the doctors at any time over the phone if I had concerns. The nurse was delighted that I wanted to bring him to his appointment and be involved with his care. I had the same reaction this morning to the same question at his family doctor from the nurse.

I made it to work right at 11am. I worked through lunch to make up some of my time and left at 4:45 for the Y.

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