Happy Memorial Day to all especially our present and past service men and women. I look forward to the day when I log on the Brian Bilbrey’s Sunday page and he reports there are no casualties to list of those lost in combat.

This morning I we put together 12 small parts bags and twelve sets of chemicals for the Chemistry kits. I then left to run a couple of errands on the way to the folks house. Mom and dad both are doing better. Dad’s swelling is much improved as is his breathing. I took him to CVS then we went to the driving range.

It has been at least eight or nine months since I’ve swung a golf club and not at all since my knee replacement surgery. Between recuperation time , the folks, the house, kits, work, etc. I have just not had time to even try to get to the range. Today I was determined to take time for myself and go see if I could still hit the ball. The range is near my folks house. Dad sat in a chair and watched. He did take a couple of swings himself but he is not very steady on his feet. I was shocked at how well I hit the ball after a few warm up shots to get the kinks out. I am itching to get out on the course. Perhaps dad and I will go out one Sunday afternoon for nine holes. He can ride around with me and perhaps putt a few on the green.

This afternoon I need to do kit preparations. We need to make a drugstore run at some point and perhaps pick up something for dinner. It is warm, low to mid 80’s and not very humid.

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