I took dad to his family doctor appointment this morning. He is doing very well considering his age. I dropped him back off at home then headed on to work arriving around 11:45. From the time I arrived until I left at 5 I was putting out fires and sorting projects by priority from most important to whenever. Around 12:45 I finally had time to bolt down a pack of crackers and to call Bob.

We signed a contract to get the deck replaced last night. I needed to scan a document to send to the deck guy. I wanted to let Bob know I had made it to work and that I had cc’ed him on the e-mail to make sure the PDF wend through okay.

Weather wise, we went from mid 90’s the last few days to cool, windy, and 70’s for today. Guess we better enjoy while we have it. The heat will be returning later this week.

We finished watching Heartland until the new season is complete. Now that Bob has the ROKU box working again we are back to watching Crossing Jordan and a new show we tried one episode of that I can’t remember the name of. We are also watching another season (5 I think) of New Tricks

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