Saturday December 4, 2021

I left for Winston on Thursday for my 1:30 haircut then went on to Frances and Al’s. We went out for dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant.

Frances took Friday off. While Al took care of some some business she and I ran some errands and did some shopping. That afternoon she started working on her Christmas decorations. We went out for dinner at the Seafood Shack.

I headed for home this morning around 9:15. I unloaded the car and put away stuff and started a load of laundry. JoAnn called about 11:30 and wanted to ask me out for lunch and to go to the local craft show at the fairgrounds event building. She picked me up a little after 12. We went to the show then to Pines for lunch.

We are still in a first of December warm spell with temperatures in the low 60’s, breezy, and partly cloudy skies.



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