Monday January 3, 2022

We had rain overnight until sometime early this morning. The next time I looked out around 6 am it was snowing. We had almost blizzard like conditions this morning with wind gusts in the 50 mph range. It’s hard to tell exactly because of the snow blowing all over the place but it looks like we had somewhere between 4 and 7 inches as predicted.

The storm is out of here and the sun is out. Still cold today with highs in the upper 20’s and windy. Tonight we are down into the teens.

I am spending the day working on house projects. Took gas stove top burners off and cleaned the top and the burner parts. The bookcase in the dinning needed a good coat of lemon oil. Now I am working on putting stuff back on the tables. Dusting the small stuff with canned as I put it back.

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