Tuesday January 4, 2022

We started out in the teens this morning but it’s warmed up into the low 30’s. Even though it’s warmed up the snow is still clinging to the trees and the ground is still covered especially in the shady spots.

Hwy 21 as well as my street and most of the side streets in town were either dry or just wet by the time I left for the gym late this morning. My driveway was melted where the snow blew off but it’s flat so where there was piles of snow I had no problem getting out. Fortunately the piled up plowed snow was not too high at the end of the driveway.

From the gym I stopped by the library to pick up some reserves that finally come in after all the holiday closings causing delays in getting from the various libraries. I stopped at the store to pick up milk and lettuce.

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