Friday May 6, 2022

JoAnne picked me up at 9 this morning to go to hospital in Clemmons, which is this side of Winston, for my 11:00 pre-op appointment and where I will have my surgery.

Foggy as all heck all the down the mountain then cloudy the rest of the way in.

I finished up about 12:30. On the way back out to the main road we went into a little shopping to look for a place to have lunch and found Mediterraneo Pizza and Grill. I ordered a small Stromboli and Jo had a half of a hero sandwich. Really good food at great prices.

After lunch we headed back home. Cloudy down the mountain but as soon as we started up we hit light rain then as we got closer to Sparta hard rain. We are under tornado watch until 9 pm this evening.

Just as I opened the garage door this morning to go out a chipmunk ran in. Jo helped me set traps when we got back then she headed on home.




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