Monday May 9, 2022

Lots of sunshine today with temperatures in the low 60’s.

I called Billings Heating and Air this morning to make an appointment to get my AC serviced for the season. I usually have to wait a week or so but she said he could come by today. He got here about 11:30. All systems go.

JoAnne texted me this morning to ask if I had caught the chipmunk. I went out to check the traps I could see from the door. One was several feet over from where I left it. There was lots of seed cases all over the floor. It looked like two had been sprung but I did not see the critter.

She stopped by this afternoon to see if she could find it. She went on out to the garage while I was getting up on the walker. I heard this loud bang. She said it was laying on the floor all curled up. She threw the empty recycle bin over it. I went out to the garage. It had knocked plastic flower pots off the top shelf and made a mess of eaten see all over the floor.

She slid the bin outside to the driveway and lifted it it. It was still just curled up so she swept it out into the natural area. Still laying there when she left. I guess it was almost dead. Problem solved.

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