Tuesday May 24, 2022

I had another 2 plus inches of rain over night. Today is cloudy with temperatures in the upper 50’s and cloudy. We may see some sunshine off and on this afternoon.

George arrived at 8 this morning with one of his helpers. He replaced the outlet in the garage my freezer is plugged into from a GFI to a regular one. While he worked on that his helper pulled the dishwasher out. They turned it upside down to see were the plug I found on the floor went.

He replaced and taped the plug to see if that will hold until we get the part he ordered. He also discovered something in the wiring that may also have caused the problem with the leaking.

I texted Pratt this morning to see if she was going into town today. She picked up a prescription for me and dropped it off this afternoon.

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  1. Lynn says:

    I am envious of all your rain. We live in south Texas which is usually subtropical but not this year. I have watering the foundation of my house every couple of weeks.

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