Sunday June 5, 2022

Mostly sunny and breezy today with temperatures in the low 70’s.

I cleaned the bathrooms then decided to tackle the vacuuming while the towels washed and dried. I did a room then sat down and rested, did another room, etc, etc. Did get it done. May leave the dusting for tomorrow.

Did my exercises and iced the knee after the housework. That’s it for the day but made some progress.

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  1. nick flandrey says:

    Seems like it must be the season for broken appliances… lots of people fixing or replacing stuff recently.

    When I was doing the PT for my knees the hardest thing was stepping DOWN stairs. That hurt and felt weak as a noodle. Our house only has one step, down to the sunken room we use as a toy room and library, and that one step was too much.

    Glad you are moving around…

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