Tuesday August 9, 2022

Mostly sunny today with temperatures in the low 80’s. We had a brief thunderstorm yesterday around 5 bringing a little over a half inch of rain. More chances of storms again this afternoon.

I changed the sheets on the bed then went downstairs to get started working on the finished part of the basement. George had finished all the work on the wall. I vacuumed all the rooms and started on the dusting. I moved around all the books on the four This End Up bookshelves so they could be dusted. The main room is dusted but I still need to do the bedrooms.

While putting the books back on the shelves I am clearing out more of the ones that were Bob’s to take to the bookstore or to Cares. I still have books to sort and re-shelve but called it quits for the day on that project this afternoon.


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