Thursday September 8, 2022

Crazy weather again today. Temperatures may not make it to 70 this afternoon.

Instead of going to the gym this morning I got out in the yard. I pulled up the marigolds around the mailbox and pulled weeds and grass from the natural area beds. Did not get all of it done but it looks a lot better. The porch hanging pots are still doing fine as are the pots on the steps.

I quite after about an hour and half to come in and get cleaned up then headed into town. It was raining when I went through town go to the bank then quit by the time I came back through town to go to the library and then stopped at the grocery store. Then it rained it here around 1:30 just long enough to wet the grass. James is sitting on the porch waiting to see if things will dry up enough to mow.

The plumber came to give me an estimate on a water filtration system that will cure the eroding coupling issues due to low PH in the water. The will replace pipes and fittings that have not already been replaced as well as the current filter and hot water circulation system.


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