Tuesday September 27, 2022

Sunny and cool today with highs only in the low 60’s and gusty winds.

The guys came this morning to finish installing the water filtration system. Jared noticed an issue yesterday and again this morning with the water pressure. I have seen some issues too where the water pressure was not good at times.

He put a meter on the pump and it was all over the place so we decided to pull the pump to see what was going on. The pump was manufactured in 2003 which makes it 20 years old. As with all new things they do not last as long as old ones so I told him while he had it pulled to go ahead and put in a new one. It would be my luck to have it go out this winter when there was 10 inches of snow on the ground.

While I was outside with them pulling the pump I dumped a couple of hanging pots that were looking sad and the one on the well head.

While they went to lunch and to pick up pipe for new pump I vacuumed downstairs while all the furniture was moved for them to pull out ceiling tiles and put in the new lines yesterday. Did not put the love seat back until after I get George to repair the wall where we had left the wall board un attached from the 2017 flood. Don’t need that access anymore with the new system.

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