Thursday August 23, 2012

Here we go again. The phone rang this morning around 6am, I guess. I did not wake up being unusually very sound asleep. Even with my ear plugs in I can hear surrounding noise but I did not hear the phone. Bob woke me up to let me know mom had called and since we did not pick up it went to voice mail. Mom said she was short of breath and could not stand up; the same thing that happened last Sunday while I was over at the house. She has also called 911, all this going on while my dad was asleep.

I called Frances then quickly jumped in the shower, dressed, packed a bag in case I had to stay tonight, and headed to the hospital. After a couple of hours they had her blood pressure down and she was resting. As I guessed on Sunday she is having panic attacks although she did have a slight UTI which in elderly people makes them act weird.

They discharged her around 10:30. Frances took her and dad home while I went to the drugstore to get her meds. Back at the house Frances was getting them breakfast so they could take their medicines and getting mom to bed. I helped her get things organized then took off. I had made plans to meet my friend Bonnie for lunch. Since I needed to eat anyway I just met her at the restaurant then went on to work around 12:45 until 5 then went to the Y.

Frances and I both worn to a frazzle coping with these odd hour phone calls, trips to the hospital, and trying to get some arrangements made to move them into secure living quarters. The last five months have been hell.

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