Saturday August 25, 2012

I had a couple of errands to run this morning before meeting Frances and the folks at Creekside Terrace, an independent living facility. Frances and dad toured it last week but mom and I had not seen it.

We looked at the two bedroom apartment they looked at last week. It has a very nice large living area with a balcony that looks out over a nice, grassy backyard type area. After we toured around the place we stayed to eat lunch. It turns out one of our old neighbors that lived up the street from us growing up lives there. She was a seamstress for one of the local garment manufacturing companies. When I first started working she made a lot of my work pants and vest outfits and she made my wedding dress.

She was so excited to see us again after all these years she ate lunch with us. We had a nice visit. This is the perfect place for my folks. They can come and go as they please, have all their meals cooked for them, a safe environment, and have a wonderful social life eating and visiting with people of their own age. And, if and when something happens to one or the other of them they will be in a place where they will not be alone. The couple that lives in the apartment across from theirs just moved in a week ago and already love it. It is more or less like being on a cruise ship for the rest of your life to enjoy living.


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