Tuesday October 25, 2022

Fairly big boom this morning around 5:30. A 2.6 quake hit just down the road in Independence, VA which is just over the line. Shook the house but no damage.

I left for Winston around 8:30 this morning for my 10:15 followup appointment with my eye doctor. All is looking well. Still cannot lift over 30 pounds or bend over for a long period of time.

I ran a few errands then met my Firm friends for lunch at Willow’s Bistro then back up the mountain. Warm down there with temps in the mid 70’s. It’s 64 here with partly cloudy skies.

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  1. Hi Barbara! Glad your recovery continues to go well. Pretty much everyone I’ve known who had cataract surgery was surprised and pleased with the results.

    It was chilly 46F in Houston, so I’m convinced that Fall is finally here for ‘realz’.

    Seems like you should be seeing snow soon 🙂

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