Wednesday October 26, 2022

Sunny and breezy today with temperatures in the upper 50’s.

We had a fairly good day at the bookstore with customers. Did not break the $100 ceiling but that was okay. A guy this morning to see if we had a book in stock. Since we depend totally on donations it is a hit or miss situation. We did have it. It was a 1999 book so only cost $.50. I told him we would hold it for him,

He called around 2 and said it would be after 4 before he could get here. He was driving over from Boone, NC which is about 60 miles. We told him would wait for him since we close at 4. Joyce and I hung around and he finally showed up at 4:20. He was a student had ordered it online for a paper due Friday but it shipped to his address in Chapel Hill. He was so grateful we waited for him.

That type of thing makes out day for us volunteers at the store.

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