Thursday June 8, 2023

61 degrees and sunny when I left for Winston this morning around 9:45.

I did a small Costco run to stock up on cereal, water, and a few pantry items now back in stock after a several months. From there I dropped off my recycling at Frances and Al’s then on to meet my friends from the Firm for lunch at Little Richard’s BBQ.

From there I had a 2:15 eye doctor appointment. This was my yearly checkup. All looks great with my pressure and my eyes from the cataract surgery. Will see here again next year around the same time.

We are still smoky down the mountain and up here. It was hot down there; 80 degrees. Back up here it is very breezy with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60’s.

James had just about finished edging my neighbors yard when I got home. I went over to pay him then unloaded the car. Now to put all the stuff away.

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