Saturday March 23, 2024

Whew, been a couple of busy days. Weather wise, we had an inch and a half of rain from Friday evening to late this morning. Temperatures dropped this afternoon as the winds have picked up again with 15 to 20 mph gusts dropping lows tonight into the 30’s with a wind chill into the upper 20’s.

We had two good days at the store almost breaking $100.00 yesterday and today. We also had a couple of good donations come in to work on.

Last night Donna, Jo, Catherine and I were at the Cellar. One of our local pottery artisans played some really nice folk song type music. Tonight, Donna and I went back to listen to her friends David and Chris play. They play more country and 70’s type music. One of her friends’ son and daughter-in-law came in later and they joined  us.

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