Wednesday April 3, 2024

Rain early this morning and then some off and on showers mid morning. We did not get the storms that had been predicted. The winds have picked up this afternoon with 20 plus mph gusts. Temperatures have been falling all day from upper 60’s down into the 50’s and will continue to drop.

A busy day at the store.  Almost made $100.00.  I had to leave midday to come home and so George could come back and hook up the plumbing under the sink and the feed for the gas cook top. They counter folks only install the counters and put in the sink.

While he worked on that I cleaned the counters then started putting the stuff back. The new sink required a longer pipe and he did not have one. He as to come back to do that and do a couple of other things. No problem, I have been using the sink in the laundry room, which is off the kitchen, for water.

I went back to the store to finished out the day then stopped by the library on the way home to checkout and return some books.


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