Saturday December 22, 2012

First item on the agenda for this morning was to get the oven started on its self clean. I will clean the racks this evening when I go in to cook dinner.

Next up, the downstairs. I vacuumed the areas where the furniture we got rid used to sit then Bob came down to help me start moving furniture. We moved the love seat and chair to the wall where the sofa sat. After I vacuumed where it was we moved the three chest of drawers over to that wall. I put all the drawers back in and cleaned up more of the stuff sitting in the middle of the floor. By then it was time for a lunch break. After lunch I cleared the little hallway that goes to the kitchen (Bob’s lab) and the bathroom of the stuff we had put there to make room to move furniture around. We also loaded the old TV, VCR, and little portable stereo unit with speakers from down there into my car for a Goodwill trip.


There is still some work left to finish up including vacuuming the rest of the floor, dusting the other tables, etc., etc. but I ran out of energy to finish up today. I took a shower then  made a quick trip to the drugstore and to drop off the Goodwill stuff.

This afternoon I have work to do at my desk including sorting another 60 or so titles Bob downloaded on my Kindle yesterday. It’s another windy day but not all that cold. High 40’s and lots of sunshine.

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