Sunday December 23, 2012

It has been a busy but productive day. First thing this morning I caught a big pile of ironing then took off to run errands on my way to the house to meet Frances and Al. YEA!!! WE ARE FINISHED!!! The house and shed are empty. We loaded Al’s truck with seven bags of trash and other assorted articles for the dumpster then put what was remaining┬áin the Trooper and dad’s car. Frances drove dad’s car to their house where it will now live. We loaded it with the stuff going to their house and the storage and put what did not fit in dad’s car in the Trooper.

I followed them to the storage to help unload then dropped off the things for mom and dad at their place on the way home. It took a little over three months but we met our goal of being finished by the end of the year.

I have many, many fond memories living in that house including wonderful Christmas holidays. It seems fitting that we finish up right at Christmas time. It will be especially fitting to celebrate mom and dad’s first Christmas in their new apartment much like they did their new house, They moved in sometime in late November of 1956 just shy of my two year birthday.

Back home I started cleaning in the kitchen. I took everything out of the fridge and wiped it down good, did the oven front and cabinet doors over and under it, the cabinet doors over the range top and right side of the counter, the microwave, and the range top. That was enough for today.

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