Monday December 24, 2012

It’s another dreary, rainy day with temperatures in the mid 40’s, and not much wind. I am guessing we’ve had at least an inch of rain since it started this morning before daybreak.

I am reading the most recent Lea Wait mystery, Shadows of A Down East Summer, published in 2o11 from my TBR shelf. Bob bought it for me for my birthday last year but I have been holding off to read it. Wait’s character collects and sells antique prints which she also does in real life living in Maine. There was a six year lag between her last book and this one but she has another book in the series due out next year. In between I think she wrote some books for young adults.

This morning we did some more work on Bob’s work room removing stuff that can now go downstairs in the chests of drawers. While I started work on our bathroom he put up the new¬†Venetian blind on the front bedroom window. He also ran a load of curtains from the bedroom and both bathrooms plus the table toppers from the dining room and living room that go back on after Christmas.

We took a lunch break then I finished cleaning the bathroom and started on the bedroom. Once I finished in there I moved to the kitchen. Bob cleaned the kitchen table with lemon oil while I finished scrubbing down cabinet doors and the left side of the counter. I then vacuumed and mopped the floor. I can now cross of three rooms completed.

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