Monday December 31, 2012

I burned my last vacation day of the year. No doubt the only ones working today were attorneys and staff who used up all their vacation days.

We tackled another mountain today…cleaning Bob’s office. We are implementing new rules beginning with the new year. I need to handle paperwork, catalogs, etc.

When we moved into this house 25 years ago I said the entire house is mine to keep orderly and neat except for your office. But, I did not expect it get into the state of ultimate clutter and grossness it does until I force him to do a cleanup. Usually it gets to the point where I cannot even get in there to vacuum each week. The dust and cobwebs along with stuff stacked everywhere eventually drives me crazy.

In the end it was not too bad. I hauled a load off to Goodwill and we only had two small trash bags. A large amount of the stuff went into the recycling bin.

The other issue is organization of paper and kit┬ácomponents. We have had a very successful year selling kits…I am so very proud of Bob and all his hard work. But, this enterprise has to get organized if we plan to grow in sales and number of kits. Looks like 2013 will be a busy year for me with my full time job, part time Home Scientist job, the house, the dog, the yard…!

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