Thursday May 23, 2013

Dad went back to the Brian Center this afternoon. Bob was very kind enough to be over there to meet him when he arrived so I would not have to miss another day of work. He even stopped by the grocery store and picked up a six pack of Pepsi and some cans of mandarin oranges. Dad hates the food over there so anything we can bring him to eat and drink we will.

I worked 8 to 5 today but I did take lunch. Bonnie and I have been trying for weeks to meet up for lunch. I had today planned since last week both of us knowing we may have to cancel if there was an emergency with dad.

Today is my Friday. I have so much to do around the house both inside and out plus Bob needs stuff done for the kits that I decided to take tomorrow to go with the Monday holiday to see what we can get done. I did go the Y again tonight. Yes, dad is sick and is down to days or weeks at most. But, life must go on for us. While I am thinking about him constantly I refuse to sit by his bed and wait for him to die; at least until if and/when that time comes.

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