Wednesday December 24, 2014

Another nasty day and fortunately warm or we could be getting a messy wintery mix. Rain, rain, and more rain is the weather for today making it a good day to start the winter house cleaning.

First thing this morning we unplugged the fridge to let the freezer part warm up. We’ve had a water leak into the fridge at the back for a few weeks. The bottom of the freezer was covered in a thin layer of ice where Bob had spilled water from the ice cube trays. The ice maker stopped working a long time ago. My guess was the auto defrost was melting ice from somewhere up top and dripping. It was good excuse to give the whole thing a good cleaning. While the freezer was melting I cleaned all the shelves and scrubbed down the walls. Once the freezer started melting I am pretty sure I discovered the problem.

I am now working on deep cleaning our bedroom then I will do what is the usual Sunday weekly vacuuming of the rest of the house and bathroom cleaning.

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