Errands this morning. I dropped off a load of cardboard to recycle then on to the 3RC Envio-Station with stuff from the basement including an old can of gas that belonged to dad and some oil I had drained from one of my lawn mowers before I started having the repair guy come to the house. From there I went to Lowe’s Home Improvement and Wal-Mart. Lowe’s has small bales of straw about size of a small suitcase tied and packaged in cellophane. Just enough for the area Colin has churned into a mud path when he runs around in circles in the front yard.

I have deep cleaned my office and the hallway. That finishes this end of the house except for mopping the floors. Time to call it day to rest and read.

I am reading the third book in Kate Carlisle bookbinder series, The Lies That Bind.

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