Wednesday November 8, 2017

I am in Sparta again today. Yesterday afternoon I vacuumed the downstairs and rearranged the “water closet”. Today I did a good vacuuming and dusting up here. It’s another grey, chilly, drizzly day. This afternoon I ran a quick errand in town and worked on some paper work at my desk. James came by to haul off the brush pile.

Colin is doing okay but every once in awhile I can tell he is trying to figure out where Bob is. Like Bob does when I am not here watching stuff I don’t care about, I am doing the same thing. I am watching season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy and this afternoon decided to try the British show The Crown which covers Queen Elizabeth starting with her 21st birthday and becoming queen. It has an excellent cast.

I am fixing spaghetti for dinner. That will give me several meals I can heat up quickly when I get home from Winston.

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