Thursday November 9, 2017

Down to Winston today. I had a 10:30 haircut appointment. From there on to the hospital to visit Bob. He is doing okay. Not sure when the procedure will be but they are doing tests to get him strong enough for the bypass.

We had a bit of excitement here yesterday. I saw three sheriff’s cars and a Sparta police pull into the neighbor’s driveway. Once they parked they promptly started pulling out weapons and headed down behind her house. I waited until they came back to their cars then walked over there. They were chasing a felon who lives down the street. He had threatened one of the business owners down there with a gun and were trying to apprehend him.

Late yesterday afternoon I called the non-emergency number of the Sheriff and asked them to call me when he was captured. I locked both the outer and wood doors and kept Colin in except to go out for a quick pee. I think they finally caught him sometime late this morning.

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