Thursday November 22, 2018

It was 38 degrees, sunny, and windy when I took Colin out this morning. I stayed in Sparta this morning since Al was just having a procedure done today that would determine if he had a blockage and if he did perhaps would clear the blockage to avoid having surgery.

I pulled out the Christmas decorations and started working on those.

I met my friend JoAnn, her husband, and brother for an early dinner at The Pines at 2:30. They had a buffet with a large assortment of foods including the usual Thanksgiving meal stuff.

After we ate Jo and I went to the tree farm where I bought my tree last year which is only a mile or so from the house so she could help me get it in the tree stand. I picked out a small tree easy for Jo and I to handle. We got it set up, visited awhile, then I took her home.

The procedure was a success. They will start him on clear liquids tomorrow to see how he does and hopefully he will get to go home Saturday.



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  1. nick flandrey says:

    That’s great news! Definitely something to be thankful for….


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