Friday November 20, 2020

Another nice fall day. Very little wind, mid 60’s, and lots of sunshine.

Today is the last day I will have help in the morning with Colin and in the afternoon from Heidi. Going to go it alone starting tomorrow.

This morning the plumber came to change the filter for the well. I had PT this morning and OT this afternoon. Heidi is cleaning my bathroom good today. I am taking out the shower bench and taking off the toilet  riser. She is scrubbing down the shower. We are washing a load of towels along with the showers curtain, liner, and skid mat.

Starting Monday with my OT folks here I will be doing stand up showers.


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One Response to Friday November 20, 2020

  1. Paul Hampson says:

    Nice to hear the progress, continue to stay safe.

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