Saturday November 21, 2020

A beautiful fall day with lots of sunshine, calm winds, and temps in the mid 60’s.

Heidi and her son took me to get my Christmas tree this morning. We went to a nearby choose and cut farm I had been to a couple of years ago. This way I could hold the tree and her 21 year old son could crawl around on the floor tightening the screws in the stand.

I guess between knee and my back trying to decorate for Christmas is being ambitious but I am doing it mostly for my mental health. Not decorating for Christmas would be very hard for me.

Her son also fixed my front door knob that had come loose, pulled out all the Christmas decoration boxes from the closet and did a couple more odds and ends things.

Heidi helped me clear the table tops, etc. I can do a little bit here and there until Frances and Al get here the end of the week for their help.

I did my laundry this afternoon. Now time to go rest before attempting to cook a skillet meal for dinner.


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