Hot but not humid. We set a new record yesterday of 1o2. Fortunately we’ve had low humidity during the day. It was cooler last night when we waked Colin for last time but the humidity had gone up. And of course with the rising temps that brings a better chance of storms we don’t need but we do need rain. Other than the Bermuda the rest of the grass has almost stopped growing. No mowing until we get rain and cooler temperatures.

Today we worked on the house to get better organized with all the kit supplies we need. I am not into the¬†warehouse¬†look of interior decorating but I have to be tolerant; to a certain extent. However, Bob can easily take over the entire house. I can’t take having a big mess all over the house.

After we worked some more on the garage area I started on the work room. Most of that was computer cases. We moved the cases to underneath the table in Bob’s office. We now have a place to organize the supplies we use for making up the small parts bags and for filling the bottles.


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