Wednesday August 29, 2012

One of the outer bands of hurricane Isaac settled over the Triad area last night bringing around 5 inches of rain. The rain started out as a torrential downpour for about 45 minutes dumping 1 to 2 inches of rain in that time then slowed down to steady most the night. As Isaac makes it way up the middle of the country and then turns right we could get some more rain later this week.

The deck guys showed up this morning. By the time I left for work they had the rails off and were working on the floor. Bob called around 1pm to let me know they had finished for the day and would be back in the morning to start building.

I am taking tomorrow and Friday off. Tomorrow Bob and I have to get the forensic kits ready to ship on Friday. We’ve been working at night this week and will need the full day tomorrow to get things wrapped up. And, I can be home to watch them start building the deck.¬†Friday, Bonnie and I had already made plans to go off for the day before I knew the deck was being built. That’s fine. I can see the finished product when I get home.

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