Thursday August 30, 2012

I spent the day putting together the components for the forensic kits and checking on the deck progress. They finished the framing this morning and started putting the floor on this afternoon. It still needs nailed down and the railing put up tomorrow.

They have the compressor for the nail gun plugged into the washing machine outlet because it kept blowing the fuse box on the circuit for the outdoor socket. This morning while they were nailing the framing to the house it was quit noisy. With the compressor in the basement we assembled the kit bags up here. After I finished putting all the 100 components in their various sized bags Bob took them down to fill them with vermiculite. This afternoon he packed a regional rate box to see if everything would fit, which it did. We are now ready to ship forensic kits starting tomorrow.

This morning it was cool, foggy, and muggy, this afternoon it is sunny, hot and muggy.

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