Friday August 31, 2012

I left the house at 6:45 this morning to drive up to Bonnie’s house in Germanton which is northwest of Winston. From there we drove to Hillsville, VA for the semi-annual flea market. We arrived around 9am and stayed until 3 spending all that time except for a half hour lunch break walking, looking, and shopping. We covered about 2/3 of the entire market. The main booth area is paved with tents for the vendors. Then, outside the fenced paved area are booths all up and down the main street of Hillsville and more booths in a field across the street from the main area.

I found a couple of things that were cheap, fun things to buy including a new winter flag for my garden flag pole. There was a lot glassware, a lot of junk, and some really interesting stuff. I just don’t have the room or a place to put some of the things I liked but it was a fun day. From Hillsville we took the back road into nearby Fancy Gap to stop at a couple of shops then drove into Mt. Airy for our last stop of the day.

We arrived back at Bonnie’s house about 5. It was a wonderful day off for me, just me, to enjoy myself. A much needed mental health day.

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