Sunday November 19, 2017

I went down to Winston around 10 the morning to Frances and Al’s. We went to lunch then to the Verizon store to finally get my phone issues fixed. They took me back to the house then I went to the hospital to see Bob.

Physically he is doing great. They may be able to take him off the pump later this week. Mentally he is still not good. Today he was confused and somewhat belligerent answering every question with NO. His nurse said this is common in ICU patients from being in there for so long. She is very patient with him and continually encourages him. I left a picture of Colin to show him to see if it will help him to crawl out of his funk.  We just keep taking it a day at a time!

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Saturday November 18, 2017

I talked with Bob’s nurse this morning, the same one that was on duty when I visited yestserday. Bob is about the same as he was yesterday afternoon. His numbers are holding steady but he is still confused and sleeping a lot. I will not go down today but will call for updates. Josh knows to call me if something changes and I will, of course, go down immediately.

This morning I did a load of clothes, vacuumed, and tidied up the kitchen. Colin will enjoy having me home for a day. We are to get very strong gusty winds starting late this afternoon with a possibility of some snow showers tonight and a big drop in temperatures.


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Friday November 17, 2017

Gym and library this morning. I left here around 11 to meet my friend Betsy for lunch then on to the hospital to visit Bob. He was pretty much the same as yesterday. Sitting in the reclining chair sleeping. He knew me when I walked in but kept going back to sleep. The nutritionist came in while I was there just to check on him and ask about how he was eating during his stay up on 5th and 6th floors. They are not ready to start feeding him solid food yet but will once they know he can swallow and eat.

The doctor came by and said he looked great. They have dialed down the pump to a five. From a comment I saw posted on Bob’s page today I will mention that the pumps can stay in for two weeks. If at that point the heart is not beating on its own they will transfer him to Duke for a permanent pump.  Let’s hope they do not have to do that. They did take out one chest tube this morning.

I stayed about half an hour then came on home. He is not capable of carrying on a conversation right now so all I am doing is sitting there looking at him, his machines, and all his tubes which is hard for me. He needs his rest right now and not have to use his energy to try and converse with me.

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Thursday November 16, 2017

I left here around 12 to make a quick Costco stop and to see Bob. The visiting hours are very restrictive. The 2pm to 3pm works best. The next one is 4:30 to 5:30 which puts me leaving Winston at rush hour and coming up the mountain in the dark.

As I posted on his site this morning, he has been in a chair all day. He did wake up when I came in and we talked a little. He has tubes all over the place and is very much out of it mentally. His nurse is very pleased with his progress. They may try to dial back the Impella which I think is at a 7 right now. They had just done a echo when I got there. He is on medicine for his heart but on very little pain medicine or oxygen.


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Wednesday November 15, 2017

I left here Monday morning (13th) for Winston supposedly for a consult with the doctors about what was next. By the time I made it to the hospital Dr. Lee had been in to see Bob and said kickoff would be Tuesday morning. Fortunately, I had packed a bag just in case. I called Al who also had a just case bag ready to let him know he needed to come up at some point in the afternoon.

Frances and I were at the hospital Tuesday morning at 5:30. He went down to the OR at 6:15 and they started the actual procedure around 8:15. He was in surgery until almost 2. The OR nurse called me every hour with updates and the surgery team navigator came up several times closer to the end of the procedure to give me personal updates. They did a valve repair, several artery bypasses, and put in the Impella; a temporary heart pump.

I was allowed the the ICU at 4pm to see him but he was very critical at the point. Nothing we could do so we went to find dinner and go back to Frances’. About 6 Dr, Lee called to let me know he needed to go back to the Or to fix some blood clots in the chest but not to come to the hospital. He was back in ICU around 9m. I called at 10 to check on him. They said he was critical but stable and would call me if there was any change. No calls during the night.

This morning we were  back at the hospital for the 8:30 visiting slot. He had turned the corner during the night and was heading in the right direction. The next visiting time is this afternoon. They may or may not take him off the breathing tube today but he did wake up a couple of times.

I can’t do anything for him sitting in a waiting room. I took Frances to work then headed up the mountain so Al could go home. If things get worse I will go back down but for now I will stay here to take care of things. I need to ship a kit order, sort the mail, etc. Al took great care of Colin. As far as I can tell, Colin just goes along with whoever is here to take care of him and his fine.


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Sunday November 12, 2017

I did two loads of laundry and vacuumed the house this morning.

Things with Bob are one step forward to two steps back. Last night things were looking rather grim with the doctors deciding it was too much of a risk to him surviving the bypass to try to do it.

I talked with him this morning. The plan as of now, which could change at any time, is to put in the cath pump tomorrow and do a procedure on Tuesday. Not sure if it will be bypass or stint. With all the uncertainty Al is coming up to stay with Colin and house sit and I am going to Winston to be closer to Bob. That is a lot to ask and I hope he knows how much I appreciate what he is doing.

Ye, this ordeal would have all been better had we still lived in Winston. But, we don’t and I am glad we moved up here. It just makes things a little harder to deal with but the support from local friends and Frances and Al we might get through it.

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Saturday November 11, 2017

I am reading Downfall by J.A. Jance.

Fortunately, from the time Bob went into the hospital last Friday until this past Thursday, we did not have any kit orders. I am the behind the scenes worker doing labeling, packaging, etc. Bob is the brains of the business, including shipping the kits. We finally did get an order Thursday. Thursday night Bob walked me through the 1500 (I am exaggerating) it takes to create a shipping label and a response e-mail to purchaser. I still cannot create a label by myself but at least now I am familiar with the various screens.

Frances and Al came up to Sparta today. In the past month I have had some type of mushroom take over both mulch beds along the porch and by the side stoop. They are small and brown, clumped together in greats mounds that look like brain matter. He dug them up while I cut back a couple of annuals in the butterfly bed the cold snap got and did a few other chores. We then went into town to run a couple of errands and eat lunch.

Back here Al harvested some of his turnip greens then they took off for Winston. Thankfully it was not windy today because the temperature only got as high as 38 with partly sunny skies.


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Friday November 10, 2017

Another long day. I had not intended to go down to Winston today. Part of the reason I ended up going has to do with a very long and convoluted  story about my cell phone that I will not go into but which involved meeting Al at the Verizon store.

I left here around 11:15 and stopped at the hospital as soon as I arrived in Winston. I was not to meet Al until 1 pm at Verizon. I thought Bob would be back in his room after his procedure.  He was still down at the Cath lab so I went down to check on how things were going. He was still in the procedure. I left Forsyth at 12:45 to head to Verizon, a 15 minute drive at best.

HA! It took almost an hour to get there after trying several different routes, all of which were backed up for blocks. I called when I saw I was going be late and he was also trying to get there due to traffic. Man, I do not miss that mess. I finally got there at 1:45. Just as I arrived at Verizon the doctor called. Bob did well in the procedure but was being moved from 6th floor to 5th in cardiac ICU because of the balloon in his artery. So, I would have had to drive down anyway to move his to stuff from one room to the other.

After I finished at Verizon and headed back to the hospital. I cleaned out his room and headed down to 5th floor. He was just getting checked in to his new room. I got him settled and left there around 3:30 for Sparta.

I stopped here at the house to let Colin out for a pee then let him ride with me to the library to pick up a reserve book. We finally had sunshine today but it was cold and windy. Tonight is to go down in the 20’s.

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Thursday November 9, 2017

Down to Winston today. I had a 10:30 haircut appointment. From there on to the hospital to visit Bob. He is doing okay. Not sure when the procedure will be but they are doing tests to get him strong enough for the bypass.

We had a bit of excitement here yesterday. I saw three sheriff’s cars and a Sparta police pull into the neighbor’s driveway. Once they parked they promptly started pulling out weapons and headed down behind her house. I waited until they came back to their cars then walked over there. They were chasing a felon who lives down the street. He had threatened one of the business owners down there with a gun and were trying to apprehend him.

Late yesterday afternoon I called the non-emergency number of the Sheriff and asked them to call me when he was captured. I locked both the outer and wood doors and kept Colin in except to go out for a quick pee. I think they finally caught him sometime late this morning.

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Wednesday November 8, 2017

I am in Sparta again today. Yesterday afternoon I vacuumed the downstairs and rearranged the “water closet”. Today I did a good vacuuming and dusting up here. It’s another grey, chilly, drizzly day. This afternoon I ran a quick errand in town and worked on some paper work at my desk. James came by to haul off the brush pile.

Colin is doing okay but every once in awhile I can tell he is trying to figure out where Bob is. Like Bob does when I am not here watching stuff I don’t care about, I am doing the same thing. I am watching season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy and this afternoon decided to try the British show The Crown which covers Queen Elizabeth starting with her 21st birthday and becoming queen. It has an excellent cast.

I am fixing spaghetti for dinner. That will give me several meals I can heat up quickly when I get home from Winston.

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