Tuesday July 25, 2017

I worked in the garden this morning harvesting more carrots, potatoes, squash, and green beans. Last night I made my first squash casserole which I think turned out pretty good. Frances and Al will get most of what I gathered today when I head down to Winston later in the week.

We had a lot of green beans left over which I froze along with several servings of the casserole. I ate veggies for two nights and let Bob have the grilled pork chops.

Although it was warm in the sun there is a nice breeze with temperatures in the mid 70’s. I work at the Friends bookstore this afternoon.


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Monday July 24, 2017

Gym this morning. We had a pretty good thunderstorm come through around midnight bringing a little over an inch of rain. I saw in the Winston paper this morning the other side of town from where Al and Frances live was nailed with a severe storm yesterday causing more trees down and power outages.

Work on Science kits today.

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Sunday July 23, 2017

I cleaned the upstairs bathrooms and ran the vacuum to get up the dog hair. I went out to check on the garden. Bob weighed out what I harvested; a little over 4 lbs of potatoes and about 3 lbs of green beans. I also pulled several yellow, zephyr, and zucchini squash along with about two servings of green peas. We will have green beans and potatoes for dinner to go along with grilled pork chops. I have another serving of squash I sauteed the other night I need to eat.

Much cooler today with a nice breeze with maybe a chance of rain in the forecast for later on but not enough of a chance so that I still need to water the garden. We are working on kit stuff today as well.

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Saturday July 22, 2017

I am reading Liberty Falling by Nevada Barr.

Hot and dry. I picked up the grass seed yesterday to repair the yard but no sense in doing that until things cool off and we get a forecast for some decent rain. It’s too dry to even try to pull weeds.

Late Thursday afternoon, in the middle of all the mess with the septic tank Colin wanted to come out see what we going on and to meet Larry and Elaine. Larry had pulled the filter from the septic tank and hosed it off in the grass by the ditch. Before I could yell..NO, STOP, Colin was rolling his head and back in the grass where the poop sludge was still wet. SO, before I could go in to clean up the mess in the bathroom I had to stop and give Colin a bath with the hose. Bob retrieved the dog shampoo while I started hosing him off. Needless to say I also had a “shower” clothes and all. While he did need a bath that was not good timing but, after all, he is just a dog. Both Duncan and Malcolm at one time or another rolled in poop but sludge from the septic…could of been worse.

I am taking a break from scrubbing, cleaning, and organizing today to do kit work for Bob.

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Friday July 21, 2017

Things are finally back to normal. After a little digging with his backhoe Larry located the septic tank late yesterday afternoon. He pulled both lids one of which exposes the pipe that comes out from the house. No problems at the pipe end so dug up by the house and found the clean out. He ran water through the clean out which ran fine into the septic. We flushed toilets and ran water and the toilet backed up. I had towels down just in case to catch the backed up water and sewage . Turns out the clog was between the toilet and the clean out in the pipe that runs under the floor of the house. Elaine, from Shaw Brothers, brought out a 25 foot drain snake. As soon as Larry ran it through he hit the clog and all was running freely again.

This was right at 4:30. In looking for the pipe from the clean out to the septic he had to dig out part of the buried drain pipe from the downspout that runs underground to the back of the property. While he closed things up for the night I spent half an hour scouring down the bathroom floor, tub, and cabinets with Lysol concentrate. Bob ran one load of cleanup towels and I was able to finally take shower after two days.

This morning I cleaned the floor, toilet, and tub one more time to make sure everything was sterile again. The septic tank clean out guy showed up mid morning to pump out the tank. Larry was here next to put an extension on the clean out so we can find it easier, repair the drain pipe. and fill back in the holes. I went into town to pick up grass seed and go to the grocery store.

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Thursday July 20, 2017

And the hits just keep on coming. The electrician showed up yesterday afternoon to see what he needed to install the ceiling lights and vent covers. When he and Bob went downstairs they saw a puddle of water in front of the bathroom. The downstairs toilet had backed up spewing water and sewage all over the bathroom floor and into the tub. It also ran into the newly floored area where we had stacked all the books from the lab. Most were in boxes or plastic bins but we had stacked eight or ten piles on the floor in front of the shelves. I filled three black plastic trash bags with ruined books. Once all the books were off the floor we had to move one end table and one bookshelf to mop and clean under it. I mopped the finished area floor twice with disinfectant after we blotted up the water with towels.

Bob brought the load of towels up to wash. I was still down there working when I heard gurgling and here came the water back up in the toilet. I quickly put down more towels. By that time we knew we had a septic tank back up not just a clogged toilet. Two guys from Shaw came out and dug around the corner foundation of the house to see if they could find a clean out but did not have any luck with that.

So, out comes the potty chair with plastic bags. We can’t use the toilets or run water into the drains but we have water. I went into town late yesterday afternoon to take the ruined books to the dump, get the Trooper inspected, and pick up take out for dinner.’

This morning the guy came out to see if he could find the tank with his probe but could not. He left to get his back hoe digger at 10:30 and had just arrived back at the same time as James. He’s sitting out in the lot across the street waiting on James to mow that side of the yard then he will start digging to find the tank. The guy that cleans out the tank showed up and waited a couple hours before he had another call and will not be back until tomorrow. Hopefully we can find the clog this afternoon so we can get the toilets and sinks running again. We can wait until tomorrow to have it cleaned out.

The electrician has been here most of the day installing the stuff downstairs. While he was down there working I emptied the plastics bins and boxes with the fiction books and put them back on the shelves. I can’t clean up the bathroom until we get the water going again. I was supposed to volunteer at the historical society this morning. I called Reba yesterday afternoon and told I would not be able to go in this morning with all the plumbing problems.

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Wednesday July 19, 2017

Gym and library this morning. The weather being what it is fooled all of us yesterday. After posting yesterday about no rain in sight I left here around 1pm to head to town with sunny skies. As I neared town it started pouring down rain which lasted for about twenty-five minutes. Bob said it only sprinkled here at the house. I found out this morning that storm produced some large hail in some of the areas around us. In the meantime a fierce storm hit Winston causing trees to go down, loss of power, and more hail damage. Frances and Al lost power for six hours or so and had a lot of flower pots and garden stuff blown over.

More kit stuff today.

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Tuesday July 18, 2017

In the garden this morning I picked a few squash and some peas. Things are dry, very dry. We need rain but there is none in sight. I gave the garden, the butterfly garden, and all the plants a good watering. Temperatures are to be in the mid 80’s, about normal for this time of year

When Bob cleaned up the kitchen this morning he washed my bottle collection on the window sill then we cleaned the screen and the inside and outside of the window. I also took the screens off the den window and washed those windows on the outside and hosed off those screens and cleaned the inside and outside of the French door.

I have bookstore this afternoon.

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Monday July 17, 2017

I am reading Final Curtain by Ngaio Marsh.

Gym and errands this morning. We are working on kit stuff today. Yesterday while I vacuumed, dusted, and mopped the other rooms Bob scrubbed down the kitchen cabinets and counters. We finished up around 4pm. The upstairs is finally free of wall board dust.

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Sunday July 16, 2017

Let the cleaning begin. With the project downstairs more or less complete I am doing a good cleaning up here today. The bathroom is now cleaned from top to bottom and side to side. The new flooring looks great. We were able to walk on it last night instead of having to use the foyer bathroom.

The bedroom, foyer, dinning area, and den will get thorough cleanings next. It will take most of the day.

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