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Saturday April 30, 2016

James, my lawn guy and neighbor down the street, showed up around 10am this morning with a pickup load of cut firewood. After Bob and I helped him unload the wood James pulled his truck down to the corner of … Continue reading

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Friday April 29, 2016

Gym this morning followed by license plate agency to renew my tag, library, and grocery store. By the time I changed the sheets and a few other chores it was time to fix lunch. I visited with my neighbor Bonnie … Continue reading

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Thursday April 28, 2016

A trip down to the Winston house today. We vacuumed and mopped the upstairs floors, cleaned the bathrooms, and mopped the downstairs lab/kitchen floor. A few outlets and switches needed plates and we did a few other odds and ends. … Continue reading

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Wednesday April 27, 2016

Nancy and Betsy came up for lunch and a grand tour of Sparta. This morning while I was waiting on them to arrive I worked on kit stuff. They arrived a little after 11. We did a tour of the … Continue reading

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Tuesday April 26, 2016

I am reading the second book in Sigrid Vansandt Marsden-Lacey series, A Debt Is Finally Paid. This morning I had a 9am appointment to get the HHR inspected and oil changed. On the way home I stopped by the library … Continue reading

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Monday April 25, 2016

Gym this morning. Back home I washed my car then worked on some stuff at my desk until time to fix lunch. This afternoon I cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, and dusted. In between all the day’s activities I had Colin … Continue reading

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Sunday April 24, 2016

A really nice day today. Very little wind, sunny, with temperatures in the mid 60’s. This morning I worked on kit stuff. After lunch I took the two small white wrought iron stacking tables out front, put down some newspaper, … Continue reading

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Saturday April 23, 2016

I am reading Death Pays A Visit, another book in the Myrtle Clover series by Elizabeth Spann Craig. Today was yard work day. This morning while waiting on the mulch delivery I started digging out the grass for another flower … Continue reading

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Friday April 22, 2016

Gym this morning. On the way to the grocery store I stopped by the local Scott’s Nursery to order a delivery of mulch for tomorrow. We assembled the board and cinder block firewood rack in preparation for a delivery of … Continue reading

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Thursday April 21, 2016

I met with Alice this morning at the Friends of Library bookstore located in downtown Sparta. Alice oversees the running of the store. She showed me around and I helped sort a few books. For right now I will just … Continue reading

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