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Barbara on Health Hiatus

Hey everyone, Nick F here (sort of a co-admin for Barbara). I just heard from Frances and the reason for Barbara’s lack of posting is that she’s in the hospital in Winston-Salem. Her condition is serious, but not dire at … Continue reading

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Monday April 15, 2020

Joyce picked me at 9 for a trip down to Winston for consult with my gastroenteritis to see if I have a GI issue somewhere. I go back tomorrow to have the done.  

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Sunday June 14, 2020

Cool and cloudy again this morning. Once I was able to get up the back was too bad. I took my shower and did a couple of things in the bathroom. Then everything went downhill from there. Jo showed up … Continue reading

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Saturday June 13, 2020

Cool today with partly cloudy skies. The day started bad as usual in a lot of pain. After several tries I managed to get up and feed Colin and let him out. i texted my friend JoAnn to see if … Continue reading

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Thursday June 11, 2020

Al just left to head back to Winston. He took me to my 8:30 doctor appointment. I really like the oncologist. She is looking for spine, bone spur, etc. issues not cancer. My blood work showed some other issues I … Continue reading

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Wednesday April 10, 2020

Warm, humid, and party cloudy. We’ve had a rain showers. Al came up last night to be here to help me out. I had rather unsettling news yesterday afternoon from blood work. In one months time things have change to … Continue reading

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Tuesday June 9, 2020

Another warm, humid day. Temperatures in the upper 70’s, mostly sunny. I had a appointment at the orthodontic in Sparta today mainly for my peace of mind. Since the back flare up the left knee has has been swollen and … Continue reading

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Monday June 8, 2020

Another warm day with temps in the upper 70’s and lots of sunshine. I had telephone conversation with my doctor this morning. He decided to send to over the to office to do a full blood workup and urinalysis just … Continue reading

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Sunday June 7, 2020

Another sunny, warm day with temperatures in the upper 70’s and breezy. I managed to get the load of towels washed and dried but that about is for the day,

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Saturday June 6, 2020

Al, happy birthday to a great brother-in-law. Also, remembering Bob 6/6/53. Miss you everyday. Warm, breezy, and some partly cloudy skies. All I managed to do today was the laundry and that was a chore. Back acting up bad today. … Continue reading

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