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Monday December 31, 2012

I burned my last vacation day of the year. No doubt the only ones working today were attorneys and staff who used up all their vacation days. We tackled another mountain today…cleaning Bob’s office. We are implementing new rules beginning … Continue reading

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Sunday December 30, 2012

Today’s cleaning project-the living and dinning rooms. I have to leave 2pm to go pick up the folks to take them to a birthday party then to pick up some things from the store. Other than an early morning rain … Continue reading

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Saturday December 29, 2012

Today’s cleaning project-the den. It takes all day and thankfully I had a lot of help from Bob. He helped move the sofa and turn it on its side, cleared off his side table and cleaned it with lemon oil, … Continue reading

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Friday December 28, 2012

The Christmas decorations are all down and packed away for another year. The living room and den always look so empty after the tree is down and decorations are gone. Right now all the stuff is sitting in the finished … Continue reading

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Thursday December 27, 2012

As of yesterday morning I had two and half days of vacation left. I used it up taking a long lunch yesterday and then leaving early this afternoon plus being off tomorrow and Monday. I went to the Y on … Continue reading

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Wednesday December 26, 2012

Well for me it was Monday, Wednesday since I had to go back to work today. It was a pretty quiet day with most of the attorneys and paralegals either off or showing up for just a couple of hours. … Continue reading

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Tuesday December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, or whatever you choose to celebrate. Bob and I have opened out presents to each other. I am getting ready to head over to my folks new apartment to spend the day. Hope you have a … Continue reading

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Monday December 24, 2012

It’s another dreary, rainy day with temperatures in the mid 40’s, and not much wind. I am guessing we’ve had at least an inch of rain since it started this morning before daybreak. I am reading the most recent Lea … Continue reading

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Sunday December 23, 2012

It has been a busy but productive day. First thing this morning I caught a big pile of ironing then took off to run errands on my way to the house to meet Frances and Al. YEA!!! WE ARE FINISHED!!! … Continue reading

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Saturday December 22, 2012

First item on the agenda for this morning was to get the oven started on its self clean. I will clean the racks this evening when I go in to cook dinner. Next up, the downstairs. I¬†vacuumed the areas where … Continue reading

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